Two-year EADs for Certain Adjustment Applicants

Written by Ri Law

2021년 June 12일

When an applicant applies for adjustment of status (AOS), they may also apply for employment authorization to be able to work in the United States while their AOS application is pending.  USCIS has announced that it is updating its policy and will now issue initial and renewal employment authorization documents (EADs) to adjustment applicants that are valid for two years, an increase from one year under the prior policy.

This extension applies to all applicants applying for adjustment under Section 245 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), which includes family-based and employment-based adjustment applicants.  As the average processing times for certain AOS applications are close to or greater than one year, increasing the validity period of EADs will reduce the burden on both USCIS and AOS applicants.